Judy Chicago & the California Girls

From Judy Chicago & the California Girls, produced and directed by Judith Dancoff.

Judith Dancoff, the head of NewFilmMarketing, evolved her breakthrough approach to marketing and selling to the academic world from her rich background in filmmaking, education, and writing. After achieving success in distributing her own film Judy Chicago & the California Girls to literally hundreds of universities, museums, and other institutions in the U.S. and abroad, she began NewFilmMarketing to share what she has learned with others and to pass on her doable and pragmatic approach.

Along with an MFA in Filmmaking from UCLA, Judith holds an MA in Education for Columbia University, and an MFA in writing from Warren Wilson College. In addition to NewFilmMarketing and filmmaking, Judith is a well-published author for numerous literary and national magazines.


Before and after shots from "The Park That Kids Built", Linda Jassim, Director: “All of NewFilmMarketing's services were invaluable. Judith focused me and gave me tremendous insight into how to sell to the academic market and it's really paid off.”


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