Tip 4-2Day

Want a quick way to check academic interest—and a possible market—for your film?  Take a couple of central words or concepts from your film and google them along with the word syllabus.   See what comes up.  How many edu’s do you get and from what departments?  Even if there are no syllabi yet (they haven’t seen your film!), note the general interest in the academic world.

The central difference between regular sales and academic sales is that for the first you have to build an audience for your film, and that can be tough work.   In academic sales, the audience usually exists.  The work comes in locating them and then “positioning” yourself so they buy your film.

A final thought: Does your film teach something new or is it mainly an argument for or against something most of us already know?  Teaching or showing something new will not only get you more easily into film festivals, etc., but will also be of greater interest to the academic world.

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