Tip 4 2day

Tip 4 2day

Want to see what universities and libraries have collected your movies–with or without your permission?

Search the database WorldCat, available through your public library as well as on-line. Look under both your last name and film titles.  If you see a film in an institution that you haven’t sold to, you are well within your rights to contact the head librarian and request the full educational price. I did a few years ago when I found a copy of my DVD at the University of Cape Town, and was quite gratified to see their check in my mailbox a few weeks later.

Tell him/her that the library does not have an appropriate educational copy (It probably was an individually-priced DVD donated to the library), and that you are attaching an invoice. All they can do is refuse you, which is possible, thought it’s also possible that you’ll make a few hundred dollars for the 5 minutes it takes you to write the email.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained! : )

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