Tip 4 2-Day: Build Your Own Worldwide Database!

Feel like spending a bit of time for unlimited free access to university email addresses around the world?

Check out this website: www.webometrics.info.  You can search by the top universities for each continent, or by the country itself, and many sites have English versions.  BTW–Webometrics also links to worldwide hospitals, business schools, and more!

Limit your email choices to your primary target market.  If your film is about psychology, for example, choose the department chair in psychology along with the most likely library name–either the top librarian, or if offered, the social science librarian.

Begin an Excel sheet for the names and email addresses and add to it over time; no need to do it all at once.  When you’re ready, upload the addresses to your mailing list server.  I use www.yourmailinglistprovider.com which provides great statistical feedback and allows hundreds of mailings per month for a low fee.

It’s time to spread your wings and see who else besides American universities will be interested in your film!

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