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Audience members from Seize the Power: A Marketing (DIY)stribution Symposium

Attending last month’s (DIY)stribution Symposium at the  L.A. Film Festival was energizing and inspirational.  Talks ranged from funding strategies, to digital fulfillment solutions, to the new trend in advocacy-driven distribution, given by Caitlin Boyle, founder of Film Sprout. Be sure to visit the Seize the Power website for a full list of speakers and topics.

After two days of so much innovation and revolution, my belief in the artist as entrepreneur was firmly implanted in my consciousness, but has there ever really been another option for artists? Some of us may bemoan the fact that traditional distribution methods are getting harder to come by, but I think the change is only for the better.  A documentary filmmaker I recently met told me that a name distributor was selling her film to the academic market for a mere 80% of the profit!   Finding your buyer and sending them a targeted email is not rocket science, people. Distributors may act like they’re doing you a favor by distributing your film and taking most of the profit, but thankfully I think that’s changing.

It’s true that rejection for the self-distributor can feel more naked, but I like what Maya Angelou says, that “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”    In addition, the path you will travel to sell your film, whether a documentary to the academic market or a feature for theatrical release, can’t help but teach you so much about business and filmmaking in general.

NewFilmMarketing was born from my own success as a self-distributor that I taught myself from scratch, and has grown from the urgent need I see all around me of talented, inspired filmmakers who want to get their films into the marketplace but don’t know how.   There are now a growing number of people doing it successfully, and the information is starting to grow.  Every month I will highlight many of these people and their strategies.  Subscribe to this website to receive it in your inbox, make copious comments and suggestions, and check-out my site for a thorough understanding of what I can do for you.

I am NOT a distributor and will never take a percentage of your profit, even if you beg me.  My job is to get you in a position to DO-IT-FOR-YOURSELF!


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