Question: How Should I Price My Movie? Answer: What’s the Price of a Bag of Potato Chips?

Ever notice how when you go to the store, all potato chips have more or less the same price?  That’s because no potato chip maker in her right mind would put a product on the shelf without a thorough analysis of the competition. Want to know what to charge for a bag of potato chips? Figure in your cost of slicing and dicing, but the bottom line is what the buyer is willing to pay.

Why should films be any different?

Once you become your own distributor, you are selling a product, just like any other.  Research the competition by going to lots of distributor sites like New Day Films, Women Make Movies, and Icarus Films, and find comparable films. What do they charge for educational copies, and copies for high schools and public libraries?  Your film should be right in the mix, and if it isn’t, you better have a darn good reason.

Are librarians going to respond to a DVD priced significantly lower than others in the same category?  How do you respond when you see a bag of potato chips, half the price of the competition?  Not so appetizing, is it? Keep in mind that for academic buyers, your most important sales point is content.  It is unlikely that $25 or even $50 will make or break a sale. The academic market buys what it wants and doesn’t buy what it doesn’t want, no matter the cost.

I will go more in depth into pricing at my upcoming Sept. 25th webinar on websites, as well as how to construct an inexpensive site of interest to educators and librarians.  SEE YOU THERE!

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