Postcards, really?  Yes, really.  As part of an email campaign, they will reinforce your message as well as give your potential buyer something to pin above his/her desk.

With a mailing list service like or mailchimp, you can easily find the names of those who clicked on your website during your campaign.  These are your hot leads, certainly worth a follow-up postcard.  If your mailing list supplier has provided them, the addresses will be right there too.  If not, a quick google search of the individual email will bring it up.

Add to that list the membership lists of academic organizations most closely allied with the topic of your film.    Find the organizations, then search under advertising.  The great majority of them rent their membership lists for a reasonable fee.

Be sure your card is not over 4×6″ to qualify for the least expensive stamp, and search on-line or in your area for good printing and mailing rates.  The card should include your url, enough about your film to get people to click, a good quote, and an image.

If the internet has made instantaneous email blasts possible, it’s also created spam filters, as well as haystacks of incoming mail.  Not a problem, though.  Many academic librarians still believe that a hard-copy postcard is the best way to make a sale.

The more things change, the more they stay the same!

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