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NewFilmMarketing is a breakthrough consulting service for do-it-yourself film distribution to universities, K-12, libraries, and specialty markets. We are not film distributors, however, and will never take a percentage of your profit. Rather, we want to put you in a position to succeed as your own distributor.


Agnés Varda, Director (Paris, France) from "Women Behind the Camera"
written, directed, and produced by Alexis Krasilovsky

Customized Distribution Platform

Effective selling requires a thorough understanding of your market, sales materials created for that market, testing, and the right campaign deployment. Although film distribution is unique, it must be grounded in the same marketing principles that apply to all effective sales.

We tailor your D-I-Y platform to attract your film's most likely academic, library, and specialty buyers. Please call or email for a free consultation. Our deep understanding of academia combined with our ties to librarians and professors at major universities across the country, put us in a unique position to help you succeed.

Leelaben Paben, Video SEWA, from "Women Behind the Camera" written, directed, and produced by Alexis Krasilovsky

“When I started designing my website, Judith met with me to help me understand WHO were my potential buyers and WHAT they were looking for. She guided me through the jungle of what to say and how to present it... I can't recommend her enough.”
     — Tamar Halpern, Director

“Judith Dancoff gave me superb advice on how to attract DVD sales from educators. I highly recommend her course.”
Alexis Krasilovsky, Director, “Women Behind the Camera” and “End of the Art World”



Is this kind of distribution time-consuming? Surprisingly not. Once your platform has been created and is proven effective, it is pretty much self-sustaining, with only minor adjustments. You can repeat your campaign several times without change, as long as it achieves results. Creating a platform with our coaching will take more time than if we do it for you, but the work is almost all on the front end, and you may build the platform as slowly or as quickly as you like.

Use of Marketing for New Film Investment & Fundraising

Just as librarians and professors can help “position” a film correctly, they can also provide very persuasive evidence of the worth of a project to potential funders. For those interested in this service, NewFilmMarketing will gather proof of your film's future marketability in a file of academic recommendations from across the country. Films in-progress with a trailer or representative clips are most appropriate. Let us know your project, and we will tell you if we can help.

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