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Tip 4-2Day: D.I.Y. On A Shoestring

April 8th, 2011

Concerned you haven’t the money to fund your campaign?  Here’s a targeted way to reach librarians who have a proven interest in your subject matter, FOR FREE!!

ACRL (here’s the link), the Association of College and Research Libraries of the American Library Association, divides itself into seventeen sections, from the arts, to science, to gender studies.  Each section has a discussion list, with easy instructions on how to join and post a message.

When you’re on, keep your note brief and casual and as non-industry as possible.  The last thing librarians like is to feel like they’re being pitched.  Simply suggest a resource you think they’d like with the website; don’t go on and on.  Also, “listen in” on their discussions to get a sense of how they talk.

With the end of this fiscal year coming up and a new one beginning, librarians will be eager to find out about new resources, especially as the school year winds down and they have the library to themselves.

It goes without saying that the internet offers literally ENDLESS ways to connect to buyers.  Feel like going a little nuts?  Check out the LibraryLand resource site.  It is no longer monitored, but many of the links are still active and will lead you down some fascinating garden paths!

What if you don’t go with D.I.Y.?

April 1st, 2011

Questions to ask before you say yes


I have written before that the essential difference between academic distributors and D.I.Y. is that distributors sell their catalogue, while the D.I.Y. method sells your film alone.  Think of it like the difference between a grocery store and a door-to-door salesman (though D.I.Y. is a lot less work).  If a grocery store gets good traffic, and gives you good shelf space, and works to build their brand among grocery shoppers, you could do fairly well. This is especially true if they let you write your own text on your packaging that pitches the strongest points to the buyer most likely to buy your bag of potato chips.

How long, however, will they keep you in that shelf space, bring in buyers, and the rest?  Also, what is their track record, not with their one or two big sellers, but with the average products in their store?

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